The Personal Development
Programme HR tried to ban

Earlier this year I was sitting in a Central London office with an enterprising, successful executive. Together with her head of HR, we had just completed a review of the Culture R&D™ report on her organisation.
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Communicating strategy was a pain. Then I tried this

Steve Q is an Executive running a large multi-national business. He has to communicate his strategy to employees, the Executive and the Board—and customers and suppliers. It was a pain—until he tried this.
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The foundation of successful

No individual can solve every problem. The ability to lead successful, self-motivating teams is a critical competence in an increasingly complex world. The Problem-Solving Leadership programmes builds better leaders.
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The Riot Point Research Corporation

Clients say I help them 'take the guesswork out of growth™'. 

I am a provocative, highly successful, strategy and leadership expert.

Working with me they get clarity on the issues to be addressed, and insight on leading others to great success.

Expect this. You will drive up business performance while simultaneously improving your energy and capability.